what’s new in spring 2023?


i’m celebrating my sixth year working at the university of oregon. my title is “director of digital scholarship services” for the university libraries which mostly means that i facilitate the work of people who help others ask scholarly questions about technology and use technology to do scholarship. and sometimes i get to do that work myself. i’ve been working on the new strategic plan for the libraries and on several grant projects, including the just futures institute.


my partner kyle and i live in southern eugene and are actively working on our garden. the front yard is much further along than the back, which is unfortunate because the front yard is a buffet for deer.


kyle was born with a genetic disorder called polycystic kidney disease and one year ago had to have both kidneys removed due to complications from this disorder. he is now doing hemodialysis at home four days a week and is on the transplant list. the wait for his blood type is approximately five years, so we are seeking a living donor! if this is something you would like to learn more about, please reach out to me or contact oregon health & science university.


i watched and loved the mandaorianl and am excitedly awaiting the next season of star wars: visions, the first season of which was absolutely amazing.

kim scott’s radical candor was one of my favorite work-adjacent books of the last few years and i’m currently reading her follow-up just work.

in podcasts land, i will listen to anything michael hobbes does. starting with you’re wrong about (which he’s no longer on), then maintenance phase, and now if books could kill, i am a card carrying member of the michael hobbes fan club.

i have a playlist for david garfield’s monster trio project. it’s not quite an album or ep, but every cut is a bop.

what is this page?

this is a “now” page, meant to focus on my priorities and interests at this stage of my life. it’s inspired by derek sivers, a writer and musician who hosts a cool webring of /now pages.